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Chopsticks Duet C.S. Variations DuoFisher piano duet

Alley Cat Song On Piano

Robin's Return by Leander Fisher - J.J. Sheridan

I used to love to hear Aunt Glenn, Mom, Lucy, Juanita, Susan and Louise play this song.

Jerry D. Waters

Jerry D. Waters
BirthJun. 20, 1942
DeathJun. 25, 1973
Grey Hill Cemetery
Jackson County
Georgia, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 132846367




Ricky C. Waters

Ricky C. Waters
BirthFeb. 4, 1964
DeathOct. 10, 1981
Grey Hill Cemetery
Jackson County
Georgia, USA

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Find A Grave Memorial# 132846440

Son Of:

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oliver Waters

1st. Grade Picture

Taken In Junior High

High School

Joyce R. Waters, Joseph O. Waters Jr. and Kimberly D. Waters Eldridge

Tara Leigh Gunter

Tara Leigh Gunter

Married To: Tara Leigh Gunter

Obituary for Tara Leigh Gunter

Ivie Funeral Home, Commerce, announces services for Tara Leigh Gunter, age 41, of Lula who passed away on Thursday October 16th, 2014. She was the daughter of Alvin Lowell Gentry and Angelia Merritt Gentry. Survivors include her husband, Todd Gunter of the home; son, Anthony Drake of Commerce; daughter, Valerie Drake of Lula; and brother, Patrick Gentry of Fitzgerald. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Saturday October 18th, 2014 from 6 pm until 8 pm. Services will be held on Sunday October 19th, 2014 in the Chapel of Ivie Funeral Home at 2 pm with Rev. Rick Lewis officiating.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Almost Cousins

Gladys C. Ketler, Tony O. Gary, Kenneth Gary

Gladys and Glenda and Harold were not our cousins but we still acted like they were. Our families did everything together. The Chambers were the best friends that you could ever have. Maw Garrett and Mrs. Chambers we loved to sit and hear stories of their growing up.

I think Maw Garrett could grow anything, she had the prettiest flowers around. Someone once said that she had a green thumb and I couldn't wait to go out to her house and see her green thumb. This was something that I had never seen before and I didn't want to miss seeing it. Boy was I ever disappointed when I found out that they were using an expression about her ability to grow beautiful flowers.

I remember hearing the story about Kenny G. was going to scare Gladys on her way home one night. He hid in the back seat of her Mustang and he waited until she turned off of the main road onto the dirt road that went by her home to reach up over the seat to scare her. She turned the joke on him when she spun the car around in the road and flew down the road. This dirt road was narrow and it had deep ditches on both sides.

I think he was more afraid for his safety at this point.

Jimmy Wheeler And Family

Front Row: Charlotte W. Kilgore, Cheryl W. Griffin Back Row: Jimmy Wheeler, Mary M. Wheeler

Fred Turpin Family

L. to R. Front Row: Carla T. Coleman, Kent Turpin Back Row: Leslie Turpin, Fred Turpin, Bobbie Turpin, Esther Turpin.

Uncle Clifford, Aunt Nellie And Louise

Uncle Dan And Aunt Louise

Two Brothers

Standing outside of Mrs. P. Y. Waters Grocery is Joseph (Joe) O. Waters and Carson C. (Snooks) Waters.

Photos Of From A Past Family Reunion

I was going through some old photo thumb drives of family pictures when I came across these pictures. This Reunion was held in the 1980's.

This is a group picture taken at the Pavillion, if you click on the photo you can view it in a larger print. When I tried to post it larger it runs out of the page.

In this picture are all of the cousins that were in attendance. I will put a question mark on the row of cousins I'm not sure of their names and you can help me fill them in.

Front Row Left to Right: Lucy W. Hagy,  ?, Juanita W. Shippey, Ruth B. Curry, ?, Mildred B. Gunter,  Peggy W. Vaughn, ?,  ?,  ?. Back Row Left to Right:  Oliver Waters, Kenneth Gary, Susan W. Mathis, Palmer Waters, ?, Fred Turpin, Jimmy Wheeler, Lemuel Blalock, Dr. Sidney Waters, Ricky Waters.

This photo is of the remaining children of P.Y. And Nettie Waters.

Left to Right: Emory E, Waters, Joseph O. Waters, Daniel A. Waters and Lottie W. Gary.

Joseph O. Waters Family: L. to R. Front Row: Joseph (Oliver) Waters Jr., M. Pauline (Polly) B. Waters, Lucy Ann W. Hagy, S. Juanita W. Shippey, Back Row L to R.: Joseph (Joe) O. Waters Sr., Palmer Y. Waters, Susan E. W. Mathis.

Daniel A. Waters Family: L to R.: Daniel A. Waters, N. Louise Waters.

George R. Waters Family: Peggy W. Vaughn, Ricky Waters, Hattie S. Waters.

Carson C. (Snooks) Waters Family: Dr. Sidney N. Waters (holding box)

Emory E. (Stump) Waters Family: Clara M. Waters, Emory E. (Stump) Waters, ? Waters, Nadine Waters, Roger Waters, Michelle W. Pledger.

Linnie Waters Turpin Family: Front Row L. to R.: Sharon S. Turpin, Barbara (Bobbie) A. R. Turpin, Grace T. Mumbo, 2 grand children, ?, Back Row L to R.: Leslie J. Turpin, Fred Turpin, Olene T. Crane, ?, ?.

Thelma Waters Blalock Family: Front Row: L to R.: Mildred B. Gunter, ?, ?, Vicky G. Brown, Juannette J. Blalock, Ruth B. Curry. Back Row L to R.: Ernest Gunter, ?, ? Brown, Lemuel Blalock, ? Curry.

Linnie Waters Turpin Family with Dr. Sidney N. Waters.

The Waters Cousins Attending: Front Row L to R.: Lucy W. Hagy, Grace B. ?, Juanita W. Shippey, Ruth B. Curry, ?, ?,  Back Row L. to R.: Roger Waters, Oliver Waters, Kenneth Gary, Susan W. Mathis, Palmer Waters, Mildred B. Gunter, Peggy W. Vaughn, ?, Lady in front of Fred ?, Fred Turpin, Jimmy Wheeler, Lemuel Blalock, Dr. Sidney Waters, Ricky Waters.

 Debby G. Waters, Palmer Y. Waters, Mary S. Sadler

Hurricane Shoales

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pictures Of My Dad

This is the earliest single photo that I have of my dad.

People say that I favor him and in this picture I can sorta see it.

This is how I remember my day when he was at the store working. He always had a small filing cabinet in his pocket.

Shannon Wood was one of my dad's best friends growing up and this is taken in their Army uniforms.

This is another one of my dad's best friends. Edd Chambers, in this picture he is around 18.

Dressed for Success

Taken out in the country place with Lucy and Juanita.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Buying A New Delivery Truck

Whenever the Store was going to buy a new vehicle for the business whether it was a car or a truck they received "Special Treatment."

The local Dealerships, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC and Dodge would always find out what time was the best time to come by the store to make sure that all of the decision makers were there. They would bring out a basic vehicle a midline vehicle and a top of the line vehicle. They would park it in front of the store and let them narrow down their selection to maybe three vehicles. They would leave these cars with them for about three days for them to make their decision.

My dad would give them a call and let them know what they had chosen and then the dealing would began. My dad and his brothers loved to deal and get the best offers on the table. Sometimes this would go on for days until the deal was finished.

They were satisfied and the Dealership of choice had sold a vehicle.

This particular truck was for hauling furniture in and it had an inclosed body on the back with closing doors and an over the cab storage for smaller items.

When we received the finished truck and the furniture body had been mounted on the frame it was a beautiful addition to our fleet of vehicles.

It had Waters Bros. Inc. In script on both sides and the stores address. It became a rolling advertisement wherever we delivered furniture.

As I am typing this I am smiling just thinking about a trick that was played on me when we first got the truck. I was in the back tying up a bedroom suite securely to keep it from moving in transit when someone closed the doors and then the truck took off down the road. I just held on for dear life until it stopped then I started to shout to let them know that I was in the back of the truck.

I heard a scuffle outside the door and then I heard Bobby Ayers tell someone let him out before he smothers. I am thankful to this day for a friend in Bobby Ayers.

Another time I was going to get my drivers permit and my dad made me drive the truck to get the permit. The officer giving the test made me drive up Central Avenue beside the First National Bank and I had to stop for the light. The truck had a manual transmission and you had to control the brake and the clutch on a hill and as a new driver this was a test in its self. Add a patrol officer giving you a drivers test and someone in a new Cadillac pulled up on my bumper. By this time I am sweating profusely not wanting to stall the engine or roll the truck back into the car behind me and wait on the light to change. I said a little prayer, and it was answered. When the light changed I moved forward slowly turned on the blinker and turned right down South Elm Street.

When I got my permit I was glad for the accomplishment of getting past that hurdle that day.