Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Congratulations, Leah and Daron

Congratulations to our Nephew, Leah Cleveland and Daron James Griffin Got Engaged. Daron is the son of Wayne Griffin and Cheryl Wheeler Griffin and the grandson of Mary And Jimmy Wheeler and the great-grandson of Clifford and Nellie Waters Wheeler and the great-great-grandson of P.Y. and Nettie L. Waters.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Lucy

"Happy Birthday Wishes" go out to Lucy Waters Hagy. Lucy is the daughter of Joseph O. (Joe) Sr. and Pauline Waters. She is the wife of Daniel L. Hagy Sr.. She is the mother of three children; Beverly Hagy Vanderhoef, Daniel Hagy and Michal Hagy Benslay. She is the grandmother of nine. And she is a sister to the late Sara Juanita Waters Shippey, J. Oliver Waters Jr., Suzanne Mathis (Susan) and Palmer Waters.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Granny Waters And The Lester Family

The lady on the front row on the left is Granny Waters (Nettie Elizabeth Ann Lester Waters) and the little boy in front of her is Uncle Snooks. The lady and the man at the end of the first row were her mother ad dad. As grandmother grew older she resembled her mother more and more. I wish that I had the names of the others listed but unfortunately I don't have them.

Another picture of Granny Waters and again I'm sorry that I don't know who the others are in this picture. Maybe some of the older cousins could help us out.

Front Row In Swing: Patience McCree Hale, and Granny Waters Back Row Standing: One of the Terry girls, Peetie McCree, another Terry girl, Ginnie Wood and Shannon Wood.

Coca Cola Sign On The Side Of Mrs. P.Y. Waters Grocery

Today a friend of the family posted a picture on Facebook that was the original Coca Cola Painting on the side of the Mrs. P.Y. Waters Grocery Store at the corner of Madison Street and South Broad Street.

Here is the post that I posted this morning on the P.Y.Waters Family And Descendents Facebook Group.

How many of you remember seeing this on the side of Mrs P.Y. Waters Grocery. Some of us remember calling this the lower store after the first Waters Bros. Inc. on Central Ave.

This picture was posted on Glinda Poe-Morris Bailey's timeline and this is what she had to say about seeing the sign every time she pulled out of her mom's driveway. u remember this...wish I had a nickel for every time some one stopped in front of our house and took a pic of this sign I really hated when they repainted it....the sign is the same just brighter! I had to look at that sign like forever and still do coming out of mama's drive I entitled to some of the revenue made over the years for billboard advertisement. Now I know Snooks and Joe didn't just give Coke that whole of their bldg to advertise on....maybe they got paid in products...wish it had been a Dr Pepper lol

The property has been sold and the new owners had the side of the building repainted and this is what the same store looks like now.

It's not the same sign as was on there before but I was so glad that someone had an original picture. Thanks again Glinda Poe-Morris Bailey. I'm glad that your mother and your family grew up across the street from the store.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Sam

We wish you a "Happy Birthday" Sam

Sam is the son of Joel and Miriam Annette Shippey Whitley and the grandson of Stirling and the late Sara Juanita Waters Shippey and the great grandson of Joseph O. (Joe) and Pauline Waters.

His mother had this to say on FB....,  

NOTICE: Officially we have a teenager in the house!

Happy 13th Birthday, Sam! ( January 18th )

We love you so much! The moment we found out about you, we were over joyed! Thirteen years later we find you growing up and being creative, imaginative, caring, inquisitive, smart, funny and yes, even sassy. We are so very glad your our son! Every priceless moment we have had with you, we treasure greatly! What a wonderful young man you are growing up to be! heart emoticon
— with Stirling Shippey, Karen Bassham Shippey and Joel S. Whitley.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Remembering Carolyn Waters Birthday

In honor and memory of Carolyn Waters on her birthday,

Happy Birthday Mama and Happy 54th Anniversary Daddy and Mama. Sure wish you was still here Mama sometimes I feel like Daddy is lost without you I know I am. Not a day goes by I don't think of you and wish I could hear your voice. Love and miss you. ~ Teresa Waters Gaines

In honor and memory of Carolyn Waters on her birthday, I ask that all her friends and family post on here their favorite story about her, what reminds them of her, or favorite picture of her! Let's rejoice her today! ~ Kasi Crews

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Birthday, T.J.

"Happy Birthday Wishes go out our cousin T.J. Pethel today. T.J. is the son of Michelle Pethel and the grand son of Carolyn and Billy Joe Waters and the great-grandson of Arlene and Charles Waters and the great-great grandson of Aunt Minnie and Uncle Arthur Waters and the great-great-great-grandson of P.Y. and Nettie L. Waters.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Tammy

"Happy Birthday Wishes" go out to our cousin, Tammy Kinlaw who has a birthday today. Tammy is the daughter of Jeff Wilson and the grand-daughter of Q.D. and Alma Waters Wilson and the great-grand daughter pf P.Y. and Nettie Waters.

Happy Birthday, Louise,

"Happy Birthday Wishes," go out to our cousin Louise Wheeler Woodall. She is the daughter of Clifford and Nellie Waters Wheeler and the grand-daughter of P.Y. and Nettie Waters.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, Laila

Another Happy Birthday goes out to our great-niece Laila Mosaad who is the daughter of Melanie Mathis Sherif and the grand daughter of Susan and Duane Mathis and the great-grand daughter of Joseph (Joe) and Pauline Waters Sr.. Happy Birthday, Laila.

Happy Birthday, Beverly

Happy Birthday goes out this morning to Beverly Hagy Vanderhoef.

She was our first niece and the daughter of Daniel (Dan) and Lucy Waters Hagy and the grand daughter of Joseph and Pauline Waters and the great- grand daughter of P. Y. And Nettie Waters. This first picture was taken and has been carried in my wallet ever since it was given to me. The second picture is of Beverly and her brother Daniel and the third picture is of Beverly and her husband Kevin. "Happy Birthday" Beverly!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our Sympathies

l. to r., front row: Mikala, Caleb, 2nd. row, Amy and Jay Waters

We are sorry to hear of our niece's (Amy) loss of her Grandmother this week. Amy Zartman Waters is married to our nephew Joseph (Jay) O. Waters III. They are the son and daughter-in-law of my brother Joseph O. (Oliver) Waters Jr. and the grand daughter of Joe and Pauline Waters.

Grandmother's always have a special place in our lives and we are always thankful for those memories.

Amy had this to say about her grandmother;

My family said good bye to a very special lady this grandma Elsie. What an example she set to be happy, continue smiling, and not forget to find time for fun in life. My memories of her include our Christmas eves together, Christmas mornings at our house, playing Old Maid, seeing the Nutcracker at The Fox, visiting Fernbank, bowling, trips to TCBY, her chicken and rice casserole, and her potato salad. I am honored to have had her in my life for 94 years.

Our thoughts go out to you family in your time of grief.

The Waters Family