Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ethan,

"Happy Birthday Wishes," go out to our cousin Ethan McCleery as he turns 14 today. Ethan McCleery, is the son of Tim and (Tina) Christina Wheeler McCleery and the grandson of Jimmy and Mary Wheeler and the great-grandson of Clifford and Nellie Mae Waters Wheeler and the great-great-grandson of P.Y. and Nettie L. Waters. Louise Wheeler Woodhall is his great-aunt.

Happy Birthday, Jacob And Tyler

"Happy Birthday Wishes," go out to our great-nephews and your cousins today. It is Tyler and Jacobs 16th Birthday. The are the sons of Joanna and Daniel L. Hagy Jr. and the grandsons of Daniel L. Sr. and Lucy Waters Hagy, and the great-grandsons of Joseph O. Sr. and M. Pauline Waters, and the great-great grandsons of P.Y. and Nettie L. Waters.

Juanita's Birthday Remembrance

Today would have been our sister's (Lucy, Oliver, Susan, Me) Juanita's Birthday, Stirling's wife, Mary (Joe), Annette (Joel) & Raymond's (Karen) mother and your cousin's Birthday, she would have been 69 today. We think of her all the time but know that she is in a better place. She loved to play the piano and sing, she started doing family history a long time ago she wanted to know all about our family history. She would have loved all of her grand children, Hannah Sadler, Sam Whitley, Emily, Lauren, Owen and Nellie Shippey. Today we are glad for each memory that we have of her as we grew up, when she and Stirling got married and for each of her children.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thinking Of Aunt Nellie On Her Birthday

Our cousin, Louise Wheeler Woodall posted this to the FB timeline this morning:

My mom, Nellie Mae Waters Wheeler, would have been 101 today. She died much too young (on my birthday, January 9, 1972), just 7 weeks shy of her 58th birthday. As many of you know, she was badly crippled by debilitating rheumatoid arthritis for most of the last 25 years of her life. Though her physical body was confined within her crippled frame, her mind and spirit soared beyond the physical. She participated in life as much as she could. She had a cheerful demeanor and was interested in the lives of others. She set a high standard for living a Godly life.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Drawing Of Hurricane Shoals Covered Bridge

This picture was posted on our Cousins FB wall today. It is a drawing by our sister in 1976 you will find her signature down in the water area under the bridge. I appreciate you sharing your picture with us today Todd Gunter. At the bottom of the picture is says that it is 16/500.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

James Blalock

Our cousin Evelyn Blalock Brantley posted this picture to my timeline today. This is what she wrote; This is my son James and Grandson of Lemuel G. Blalock, Great Grandson of Thelma Waters Blalock. She also posted a picture of her grandson Clayton, both of these pictures were taken at Brick Pond.

Grocery Store Order


This ticket was posted on Growing Up In Commerce by Steve Baxter. Steve and I were in the same grade in school. He has posted many pictures of Commerce on this group site started by Bobisue Sims Strickland and Rocky Long. This is a site that will bring you back home no matter how far away home is for you now. The ticket below was written up by our dad, I would recognize that signature anywhere. It was for this customer: Edna Earle Alexander 1890 - 1970 Grey Hill Cemetery, Find A Grave Memorial #95298684. She was a sister of Barney Sibley "Sib" Alexander. "Miss Earle" was associated with the Commerce Methodist Church and Commerce, U.S. Post Office. Thanks to Bill Carson for this information. Bill is a Historian and he is from Commerce and know a lot about Jackson, Banks and Franklin County History. If you ever need to look up a grave site he is your go to person for that in this area.

Happy Birthday Jerry

"Happy Birthday Wishes," go out today to our cousin Jerry Waters. Jerry is the husband of Penny Howington Waters and the father of Summer, Madison and Randy Waters. He is the son of the late Roy Douglas and Sybil Waters and the grand-son of Charles and Arlene Waters and the great-grandson of Aunt Minnie and Uncle Arthur Waters and the great-great-grandson of P.Y. and Nettie L. Waters.

Happy Birthday, Daron,

"Happy Birthday Wishes," go out to our nephew today. Daron Griffin is the son of Wayne and Cheryl Wheeler Griffin and the grand son of Mary and Jimmy Wheeler and the great-grandson of Clifford and Nellie Waters Wheeler and the great-great-grandson of P. Y. and Nettie L. Waters.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Cheryl

"Happy Birthday Wishes," go out to my cousin and sister-in-law, Cheryl Wheeler Griffin. She is married to Wayne Griffin who is my wife's brother and she is the daughter of Jimmy and Mary Wheeler and the grand-daughter of Clifford and Nellie Waters Wheeler and the great-grand daughter of P.Y. and Nettie Lester Waters.

Happy Birthday, Leslie

"Happy Birthday Wishes," go out to our cousin Leslie Turpin. Leslie is married to Sharon and he is the son of Barbara (Bobbie) and Fred Turpin and the grandson of Thomas Dennard and  Sarah Melinnie (Linnie) Turpin and the great-grand son of P.Y. and Nettie L. Waters.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Linda Ann Crane

Linda Ann Crane is the daughter of the late Ed and Sara Olean Turpin Crane and the grand daughter of Thomas Dennard and Sarah Melinnie Waters Turpin and the great-great- grand daughter of P.Y. and Nettie L. Waters.