Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Palmer (Poppy)

It is that time of year again, my birthday. They are just another day and I'm glad to have one because I know that I am still alive.

We picked Chloe up from school as she ended the year for first grade. It has been a busy year for her and a good year for us as well.

I never thought back when I was a little boy that I would ever be this age. I thought that when you got this age you were old and had one foot on a banana peel. Well some days I feel older than other days, but the age that I am is just a number.


Yes, I am a senior citizen, and I qualify for those senior discounts, and if I have to show my ID to prove I am that age I will because I have earned it.

But whenever I am with our granddaughter, I feel that I am much younger than my years, because she brings alive the kid in me. We both forget that I am older and play games of my youth and games that she wants to play.

I'll admit that I never played Barbies with any of my nieces, or Ken dolls with my nephews. When I was little everyone that played with dolls played with baby dolls.

It's another world altogether when you play with these dolls that are grown up dolls. So we just play with them as if they were regular people.

Back to my Birthday, Chloe was glad that it was a "Special Day," because on special occasions there is usually cake and most cakes have a lot of icing on them and she loves icing better than the cake.

Grandmother had gotten a small cake since I didn't need a large cake and we all had a piece and Chloe had our icing.

The cake has been devoured and another year has past as I look forward to another year. I am thankful for each day and hope that I use my time wisely.