Monday, November 3, 2014

Joseph O. Waters Sr., My Dad

This picture was taken out in Banks County close to Edd and Ruth's farm.

After a long day at the store he liked to lay on the floor in the Living Room to relax his back.

This is in the house on Cotton Street across from Grandma Waters house we moved into the new house when I was a year old. Dad is holding us boys, me (Palmer) and Oliver.

My dad and a friend. Sorry I don't recall his name. Both were in the Furniture and Appliance Business.

Wasn't I a little kid, sorry dad I don't remember this.

 Dad standing outside of the place in the country.

I cab see where I favor my dad in this picture all except for the waves in the hair. I am glad that I got his thick hair but my is very straight.

My dad was probably in his forties in this picture.

He would always have his pocket full of notes an phone numbers and information, a pen and pencil and his comb. This was his on personal filing cabinet, like we use our cell phones now.

Dad always met a friend whoever he met. He would talk with the youngest person to the oldest and bring them into the conversation. He was a born salesman, he could sale almost anything. He had to grow up when he was young because his dad died when he was eighteen and they had a lot of people to take care of and he worked to help support them.

He never once complained about it, but I am thankful for the stories that he shared with us from his experiences. 

I remember when he was getting close to the age of when his dad had died that he thought that he could die around that age. You could see the worry, and then it would pass. I'm glad that he lived much longer than his dad, and I'm sadden that I never got to know my Grand Dad, but if he was like my day he would have been a great man.

It was hard to lose him in 2004 and two days later lose our mom but time does make it easier to bear.

I think back of all the fun we had growing up, and the places we went and the people we met and I know that this was made possible because of my dad.

I know that some of our cousins and their friends will remember the games we played at home. They were so much fun. We enjoyed singing around the piano and harmonizing together. 

I know that I have gotten a little sentimental here but you would just have had to be there to know just what I mean. No it wasn't always easy but it was fun growing up together.