Thursday, October 23, 2014

Almost Cousins

Gladys C. Ketler, Tony O. Gary, Kenneth Gary

Gladys and Glenda and Harold were not our cousins but we still acted like they were. Our families did everything together. The Chambers were the best friends that you could ever have. Maw Garrett and Mrs. Chambers we loved to sit and hear stories of their growing up.

I think Maw Garrett could grow anything, she had the prettiest flowers around. Someone once said that she had a green thumb and I couldn't wait to go out to her house and see her green thumb. This was something that I had never seen before and I didn't want to miss seeing it. Boy was I ever disappointed when I found out that they were using an expression about her ability to grow beautiful flowers.

I remember hearing the story about Kenny G. was going to scare Gladys on her way home one night. He hid in the back seat of her Mustang and he waited until she turned off of the main road onto the dirt road that went by her home to reach up over the seat to scare her. She turned the joke on him when she spun the car around in the road and flew down the road. This dirt road was narrow and it had deep ditches on both sides.

I think he was more afraid for his safety at this point.

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