Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday, David Waters

Today is our son's birthday and we hope that he has a "Special Day" for his Birthday. Happy Birthday son, Love Mom and Dad.

If you were to ever see David and Chloe together in person you would think they were twins because they favor so much.

We love him so much and hoe that he has a great "Birthday Day."

He loves the Cowboys and they have always been his favorite team. He is shown here in front of the Cowboy Stadium where he always had a dream of going.

Here is a picture of David and Chloe getting ready to go Trick-Or-Treating last year.

He is one hard worker, he works all week at his full time job and works on the weekend on a part-time job, and as you can see here he works at night repairing his and other peoples cars for them. He has always wanted to work since he was about thirteen.

Here is David with the "Little Chef" and she is a mini David. She loves to try her hand at cooking and can mix and make a great cupcake. She always wants to be busy and help you in what ever you are doing, and this was just like her dad at the same age.

This picture is of David and Chloe on her first Birthday.

And another picture of  Chloe and David at one year old.

This is a picture taken in the Spring just before Chloe turned two.

Chloe and David before Sunday Meeting.

Here we have a few shots of David when he was younger. He loved to go to Pop's house where he could run and play on the farm in Mississippi or at the smaller farm in town. There were horses for all of them to ride, hayrides and plenty of time to just have some fun.

David during his teen years loved to compete in Barrel Racing and Pole Riding with several of Pop's horses. His favorite was Black Jack and Sampson. He loved to break in the horses for Pop. Every Friday night during the Summer, David and his cousins would select the horses that they were going to ride in the horse show and load them into the horse trailer and head out with Pop to the Horse Show. David won many trophies doing what he loved doing while riding his horse.

l. to r.: Front row: David, Amber, 2nd row:Ashley, Amanda, Pop, Grandmother, Shelby 3rd. row: Camby, Pat, Emily, Cheryl w/Angela Christy, Kenny 4th row: Wayne, Debby, Me (Palmer).

David with his Memphis Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. (The Griffin Family).

The Griffin Cousins at our house.

 The Memphis grandparents with their grandchildren.

David and his cousins.

Happy Birthday David, we hope that you have a "Great Day."

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