Monday, March 2, 2015

James Samuel "Sammie" Waters

That is different from what I was told.  I was told that James Samuel Waters and his wife, Caroline Basha Hamilton Waters, were buried in Oconee Hill Cemetery, Lot 41, Valley Section.  My mother took me there once.  That was probably back in the 1970's.  There are no tombstones but the place where I was told Basha was buried was next to a grave with the name "Saye".  I have no idea how the Saye family connects.  I created Memorial pages for them on Find-A-Grave:
James Samuel "Sammie" Waters

Caroline Basha Hamilton Waters
Basha or Bashie was probably short for Basheba or Bathsheba.  James Knox Polk Waters and Sarah Peek/Peak Waters named a daughter Bashie.
I know my mother took me to the gravesite of Basha Hamilton Waters at Oconee Hill and not at Princeton.  I very clearly remember the part about the Saye name and the mystery of why Basha Hamilton Waters would be buried next to someone with that name.  I'm not as confident in my memory that her husband was also buried with her in Oconee Hill.  I could be wrong about that one.  It could be that the wife was buried in one cemetery and the husband in a different cemetery.
I mentioned James S Waters because that is the name on the Find-A-Grave Memorial page that John Dove says is really James Knox Polk Waters.
Please look at the Find-A-Grave Memorial page identified as "James S Waters" by Connie Epps Bond.  That is what started this discussion.  Who does that tombstone really belong to?  Connie Epps Bond has it as "James S Waters" but John Dove pointed out that the photo has only "James Water" -- no "S" in the middle.  Does Connie know something that we don't know?  Or is that "S" just an error?
So the question remains:  Is that James Waters, White's Co. Ga. Inf. CSA tombstone at Princeton really James Knox Polk Waters
(who was 14-years-old when the war started) or is it his father James Samuel Waters (who I thought was buried in a different cemetery) or is it some 3rd unknown James Waters?  
If you Reply, please do a Reply-to-All to keep John Dove, Palmer Waters, and Connie Epps Bond in the loop on this mystery.


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