Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Children Of P.Y. And Nettie Waters

They were married in 1898 and had thirteen children. They had their first child when they were 17 years old.

Their children:

J. Howard Waters (born: October 3rd, 1898 died: July ?,1916) Age: 18

William Arthur Waters (born:1900 died: 1981)Age: 81  Spouse: Minnie Ieomi Cowart Waters, 2 daughters, Lucille and Eva 3 Sons, Charles, Claudie and Floyd

Thelma Goldie Waters Blalock (born: 1904 died: June 1980) Age: 76  Spouse: Grover Elias Blalock, 3 sons, Lemuel, Ralph, Maurice, 4 daughters, Ruth, Lois, Mildred and Rachel

Carson Cody Waters (born: 1906 died: April 1984) Age: 78 Spouse: Willie Mae Roach Waters 1 son, Sydney (DDS)

Sara Melinnie (Linnie) Waters Turpin (born: November 28th, 1908 died: January 28th, 1937) Age: 28 Spouse: Thomas Dennard Turpin, 1 son, Fred, 4 daughters, Virginia, Grace, Olean and Elsie

Emory Lester Waters (Stump) (born: 1911 died: June 26, 1998) Age: 87  Spouse: Lillie Mae 1 son, Roger

Nellie Mae Waters Wheeler (born: 1914 died:1972) Age: 58  Spouse: Clifford Alan Wheeler, 1 son, Jimmy, 1 daughter, Louise

Alma Clementine Waters Wilson (born: 1916 died: November 1984) Age: 68 Spouse: Q.D.Wilson, 2 sons, Jeffery B. and Johnny F.

Joseph Oliver Waters Sr. (born: 1919 died: February 16 2004) Age: 85 Spouse: Mary Pauline Beard Waters, 2 sons, Oliver and Palmer, 3 daughters, Lucy, Juanita and Susan

George Robert Waters (born: 1921 died: 1983) Age: 62  Spouse: Hattie Francis Smith Waters, 1 son, Ricky, 1 daughter, Peggy

Ruth Waters (born: November 20th, 1923 died: November 22nd, 1923 Age: 2 days old) died as a child

Daniel Alexander Waters (born: 1924 died: April 13, 2007), Age: 83 Spouse: Nettie Louise Barnette Waters, 1 son, Daniel, 1 daughter, Sandra

Lottie Waters Gary (born: November 1st, 1927 died: February 26th, 2012) Age: 85 Spouse: William W. (Junior) 2 sons, Kenneth and Tony

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